Happiness and Fortune
with NFT technologies
Lucky TON is a token of happiness and good fortune that enables passive token growth through NFT storage. Earn NFTs with Lucky tokens and enjoy the increase in your Jettons
Prosperity and Joy
with Lucky TON: Experience Token Growth and NFT Rewards
Lucky TON (LKY) is a special token that embodies the idea of happiness and good fortune for its holders. Possessing this token is believed to attract prosperity and luck. Characterized by positive energy, it symbolizes the possibility of experiencing fortunate events in the lives of its owners. Beyond its financial value, Lucky TON serves as a symbol of optimism and joy, creating a positive impact on the token holders
How to activate a @wallet in Telegram
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
To get a TON. You can use a bank card or p2p market
Step 4
Lucky TON (LKY)
Team Lucky TON Jetton
8 888 888 LKY (10%)
Team Lucky TON NFT
8 888 888 LKY (10%)
Seed Lucky TON round
25 000 000 LKY (29%)
Privat Lucky TON round
23 888 888 LKY (26%)
Public Lucky TON sale
8 888 888 LKY (10%)
Lucky Air drop and Community
4 444 448 LKY (5%)
Lucky Reserve (NFT Reward)
8 888 888 LKY (10%)
Lucky Total: 88 888 888 LKY (100%)
1st Quarter
(January - March 2024):
  • Establish clear goals and project strategy for Lucky TON.
  • Form the core project team and allocate responsibilities.
  • Conduct in-depth market research and competitor analysis.
  • Develop and test the NFT smart contract for the Lucky TON.
  • Begin development of a user interface for token management and NFT storage.
  • Build the community and attract initial project participants through marketing campaigns and
2nd Quarter
(April - June 2024):

  • Finalize the development of the user interface and launch it in beta mode.
  • Implement a staking mechanism for Lucky TON token holders to earn passive income.
  • Integrate NFT storage capabilities on the platform and ensure their security.
  • Launch a referral program to incentivize user acquisition
  • Conduct security audits and optimize platform performance.
3rd Quarter
(July - September 2024):

  • Introduce Lucky NFT rewards for token holders based on their NFT staking and token balance.
  • Create a decentralized marketplace for trading and exchanging Lucky NFTs.
  • Develop algorithms for evaluating the rarity and value of Lucky NFTs.
  • Showcase unique Lucky NFT collections created in collaboration with artists and creators.
  • Enhance user experience and interface based on user feedback.
4th Quarter
(October - Dec 2024):

  • Scale the community and actively promote the project in the market.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with other TON projects and NFT platforms(
  • Enhance platform security and conduct security audits.
  • Explore opportunities for integration with other decentralized financial services and protocols.
LKY TON NFT concept
You get % per annum in jettons excluding commission
You need to block the NFT in your wallet

You receive an automatic reward
You receive 8% from your referral structure
You get 888% per annum in LKY excluding commission
You need to block the NFT in your wallet for 88 days.
On day 89 you receive an automatic reward
You receive 8% from your referral structure
Jettons is limited.The number of NFTs is only 888 per year

You can review verification proofs and perform your own client-side verification.